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[OFFICIAL MV] toRa - Collarbones
Nikos Oikonomopoulos-Melagxolia mou (new song 2012)
Dimis tora tha zw gia mena New 2012
Bunga Angkasa-Terra Rossa
Nikos Vertis - An eisai ena asteri (Official Videoclip)
#cottoninkstyledby: Style Inspiration with Ayudia Bing Slamet, Sivia Azizah and Ayla Dimitri
Exist~Bunga (LIRIK)
Dimis mena mpoukali New 2012
Dimis den tha ksexaso tis stixmes New 2012
HHbeaT Only An A BeaT (Dj-QuicKLY)
Dimitrios vasilopoulos kanis lathi tha plirosis
Tristeria   Ashrouk
Dimis kratame stin aggalia sou New 2012

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