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Polka Wars - Rangkum [Official Music Video]
Polka Wars - Mapan [Official Lyric Video]
Polka Wars | BukaMusik
Polka Wars - Rekam Jejak [Official Lyric Video]
Polka Wars - Rangkum (live at Pizza e Birra Oktobeerfeast 2018)
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.Feast - Kelelawar (with Lyrics) | BukaMusik
Feast - Sectumsempra [featuring Rayhan Noor] (Live at Sukarilis 28/10/2018)
Polka Wars Rilis Lagu tentang Tuhan dan Penerimaan Hidup
Feast - Peradaban (Live at Synchronize Festival 06/10/2018)
Barasuara - Guna Manusia (Official Audio)
Loka Suara Live: Efek Rumah Kaca - Keracunan Omong Kosong
『Darling Selalu』- AYA Anjani | Official Music Video
Rara Sekar dan Ben Laksana: Kembali ke Tanah
Aggrie M Kell - Dangdut Is The Music (Video Lyrics)
Feast - Sectumsempra - Klikklip Studio Session

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