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Giri Kanye – ಗಿರಿಕನ್ಯೆ (1977 | Feat.Dr.Rajkumar, Jayamala | Full Kannada Movie
Giri Kanye | Kannada Full Movie | Kannada Movies Full | Dr Rajkumar | Jayamala | Vajramuni
Giri Kanye –ಗಿರಿಕನ್ಯೆ | Yenendu Naa Helali | Dr Rajkumar | Jayamala | Kannada Video song
Nagu Nagutha Nee Baruve | Song From Giri Kanye – ಗಿರಿಕನ್ಯೆ| Dr Rajkumar Hit Songs | Jayamala
KooDi BaaLoNa...GiRi KaNYe !
Giri Kanye- ಗಿರಿಕನ್ಯೆ|Kannada Full HD Movie||FEAT. Dr Rajkumar, Jayamala, Vajramuni
Giri Kanye – ಗಿರಿಕನ್ಯೆ| Thai Thai Bangari  | Dr Rajkumar |Jayamala | Kannada Video Song
Thai Thai ...GiRi KaNYe !
Giri Kanye – ಗಿರಿಕನ್ |Yaaru Neenu Endu| Dr Rajkumar | Jayamala | Kannada Video Song
DR.Raj-GiRi KaNye 2
DR.Raj-GiRi KaNye 3
DR.Raj-GiRi KaNye 1
Kannada Comedy Scenes | Jayamala is fooled by Dr.Rajkumar comedy | Giri Kanye Kannada Movie
Dr Rajkumar & Vajramuni Fight Scenes | Giri Kanye  Kannada Movie | Scene 14
Jayamala And Rajkumar Super Comedy Scenes | Giri Kanye  Kannada Movie | Scene 13
Kannada Old Songs | Enendu Naa Helali Manavanaasege Kannada Song | Giri Kanye  Kannada Movie
Nagu Nagutha Nee Baruve |  Giri Kanye
Kannada Comedy Scenes | Jayamala questions her mother comedy | Giri Kanye Kannada Movie
Giri kanye film song nagu naguta ni baruve
Vajaramuni And Jayamala, Rajkumar, Sampath - Scenes  | Giri Kanye - Kannada Movie | Scene 02

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