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David Garrett - 03 - Caprice 24 [Garrett vs Paganini]
David Garrett - 01 - Erlkonig [Garrett vs Paganini]
DAVID GARRETT: ♫ Capriccio No. 24 ♫ von N. Paganini
David Garrett - Caprice (Garrett Vs. Paganini) - Album Trailer
David Garrett: Caprice - A La Turca
David Garrett - Carnival of Venice
David Garrett feat. Andrea Deck - Paganini der Teufelsgeiger Io ti penso amore HD
David Garrett - Devil's Trill Sonata
The Devil's Violinist - David Garrett - Io Ti Penso Amore (Feat. Nicole Scherzinger)
David Garrett (Niccolo Paganini) Caprice 24 [The Devil's Violinist]
Paganini Plays In A Tavern
David Garrett - Sonata No.12 (N. Paganini)
David Garrett Vivaldi Vs Vertigo
David Garrett- 02 - Ma Dove Sei [Garrett vs. Paganini]
David Garrett - Caprice #5
David Garrett- La Campanella (Paganini)

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